The EdenEcho Story

My name is Amanda Berthault, and as a published author of several short stories and a professional editor since 2016, I have a passion for the written word. But I also have a passion for music, so it was only natural to bring a little touch of music love to my business name. (Google and enjoy!)

My editing career began at an indie fiction publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy, but I soon branched out into working with independent authors. I enjoy reading and writing literary fiction and have a special love for mysteries.

Located in suburban Chicago, I live with my husband, twin daughters, and three cats.

What Genres Do I Edit?

Literary fiction

Science Fiction




Historical fiction

Pulp/New Pulp


Young Adult fiction

Comics/Graphic Novels

Creative Non-Fiction such as memoirs and autobiography

Don't see your genre listed? No worries! I have colleagues who can help! Send me a note and I'll make it happen.

Education and Credentials

BA with honors in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago, 2006

Specialized certificate in Copyediting from UC San Diego, 2017

Have questions?

Contact me for more details on how I can help you make your manuscript amazing!