Copyediting Services

Three levels of service are available to fit your needs. Authors know their writing best, and have different levels of comfort. I follow the Chicago Manual of Style with a descriptive-leaning approach. That doesn't mean I don't follow the rules--I just know when it's appropriate to break them.

All levels include checking for and fixing issues with

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency in capitalization and character and place names

All edits are done in Microsoft Word using Track Changes and comments. I will provide a sample edit of your work and suggest which level I feel the manuscript will most benefit from. The choice, however, is ultimately yours.

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Light Copyediting

This service is for manuscripts that are felt to be mostly clean, but need a bit more than just proofreading. With this level I will point out additional issues I see with clarity, wordiness, or flow, but no major changes will be made or further suggestions provided.

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Medium Copyediting

Authors looking for respectful suggestions on how to solve issues in their manuscripts should choose this level. Instead of simply pointing out problems with clarity, wordiness, or flow, I will supply potential revisions that I feel will help improve your work, and make minor changes as needed.

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Heavy Copyediting

For the ultimate shine, this level incorporates substantial editing and reworking of the manuscript. This is best for authors who have an amazing story to tell but struggle with getting the words just right. I will rewrite passages to improve clarity, and reorganize to perfect the flow of the story. We will work together to make your piece perfect.

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